PCC SBDC Success Stories – GoTribe: Tackling Fitness Issues


GoTribe is a fitness and wellness company specializing in fitness classes, nutritional coaching, and stress management. Founder Chris Hodges developed a program to combat client attrition and increase success rates and is currently expanding his business by offering his programs via
a virtual trainer.



Having been employed as a personal trainer for 10 years, Chris decided
to launch his own training studio, but he needed capital to lease a space and hire employees. He also wished to make his training services more accessible by developing a virtual training app. To build a technology-based program that is scalable and cost-effective, Chris needed a business plan and additional capital to invest in the technology. What was he missing?

Lack of Capital to Start & Grow
Help Developing Business Plan
Hiring Employees



Chris first met with Larry Johnson, a senior Business Advisor at the Pasadena City College SBDC. Larry introduced him to Celtic Bank, where he was able to obtain a $100,000 loan to start the business. Chris then met with Don Loewel, also a senior Business Advisor at the Pasadena City College SBDC. Don helped him develop a business plan and marketing strategy.

With a well-defined plan, Chris received $150,000 through Quake Capital. GoTribe then developed an app-based training program that provides customization and accountability, addressing the two key factors in fitness attrition. The app will be sold for about $10. Where did he start?

Access to Investment Capital of $250,000
Developed a Business Plan & Marketing Strategy
Hired CTO & CMO for Growth




From the time Chris walked through the door of the SBDC to today, GoTribe
has received $250,000 in investment capital, hired 26 employees, tripled his sales and added a new location. Additionally, the company developed a virtual training app that can be expanded globally.  How far has he come?

Tripled Sales & Added a New Location
Created 26 New Jobs
Developed App-based Virtual Trainer

Looking back, Chris attributes his success to the mentorship, introductions, and guidance received through the SBDC. Looking forward, he’ll access those same resources again.



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